Core Workout Using a Pull Up Bar

I love incorporating exercises that use the pull up bar in my routine. Since I started hanging at least once a week, I have noticed several benefits:

Here is one of my favorite core routines using an overhead bar. You can use a step stool for easier access to the bar.

1. Hang on the bar – Pull Up Bar

and avoid swinging. 30 secs
Pull Up Bar

2. Knees To Chest

pull your knees to your chest using your abs and return to start position with control. 10 reps.
Knees To Chest

3. Straight Leg Raises

pull your knees to hip height using your abs. Return to start position with control. 10 reps
Straight Leg Raises

Give these exercises a try one after the other. You can work toward doing this routine without coming down in between for a total of 2 mins.

See the video below for demonstration Pull Up Bar.

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