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I am a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in:

-Functional training

-Strength and conditioning 


I offer personal training and semi-private group training in the Carlsbad and North County Area. For the past 10 years I have helped my clients build strength, lose weight, gain flexibility, manage stress and get ready for events. I am passionate about helping people of all ages make sustainable lifestyle changes.  

My fitness programs are designed to help you establish a practical exercise routine that suits your lifestyle. 

Need help improving core strength?
Need to manage chronic back pain?
Need help improving flexibility?

Need help returning to an activity you love?Looking for someone to guide you and hold you accountable? Sign up for a complimentary consultation and tell me more about your goals. Email

Why Kai Simon Fitness?

You have a lot to think about! There is a lot of fitness advice out there and it can all be very overwhelming. 

You might have questions like:

  • “Do I Need to Work Out Every Day?” 
  • “How Long Should I Work Out For?”
  • “How Can I Increase Lean Muscle Mass?”
  • “How Much Weight Should I Use When Strength Training?”
  • “What Training Should I Be Doing to Lose Weight?”
  • “How Often Should I Rest?

If you train with me, I’ll take the guesswork out of the equation. Let me make exercise simple for you. I’ll provide the plan

How To Get Started 

Sign up for a free consultation. Let me know where you would like to meet and how often.

We can meet :

  • At a Private Gym in Carlsbad 
  • Outdoors in the North County Area 
  • Virtually 

Interested in meeting one on one or in a group?

I offer Personal Training and Semi Private Group Training. 

Personal Training– Meet with me one on one
Semi Private Group– Get 4-6 people together with similar goals and fitness level
Virtual– Can’t Meet in person? I can help you with your goals virtually. 

You can sign up for:

1x/ week
2x/ week
3x/ week

See what Kai’s clients haves said: 

Client Testimonials 

“I have been training with Kai for 3 months, and I could not be more happy with her services. She is so patient, truly listens to my goals, and every workout is different so I never feel bored.” -Karina V 

“Amazing person and amazing training! Previous to training with Kai, I experienced a lot of pain in my left knee and my neck due to injuries. Thanks to Kai, I am essentially pain-free, and in better physical shape than ever! Her training is thorough, creative, and holistic. I always look forward to our sessions.” –Michelle 

“Kai has been a delight to work with. She keeps the sessions energized and rewarding…full of new challenges!” –Ray B

“Kai was of the utmost help for two problems I came to her about.  Firstly, a long standing achilles tendon issue that made it difficult to use stairs, let alone jog or exercise. She accurately located the problem, treated the source of the difficulty, and provided strengthening exercises to prevent recurrence. The second issue was conditioning for skiing last year.  Although not a skier, Kai correctly felt that by core conditioning, my (and my wife’s) technique and skill level would be helped. She was absolutely right. Kai is professional, well trained and experienced, listens attentively, and provides intelligent guidance. Besides, she’s lots of fun to be around.”  –C. Bone, M.D. 

“I am a retired RN who has suffered with low back pain for decades. Professionally and personally I have been in a caregiving role for 25 years. It has taken it’s toll on my low back and posture, affecting my ability to perform my activities of daily living. It was the deciding factor in my decision to retire from nursing two years ago. I tried a myriad of therapies attempting to regain the ability to walk and stand without back pain, (physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal injections, prolotherapy, yoga, exercise classes, nerve ablation etc).

Finally, my specialist recommended myofascial release and I set out in search of someone who could coach me through the proper techniques. It was a special day when I found Kai. The releases and exercises she showed me have helped me to perform everyday tasks such as cooking and housework without pain. I can now enjoy going for dog walks again! When the stresses of caregiving at home create aches and pains in my back, Kai has taught me some simple exercises to use to keep me on track. 

I recommend Kai to anyone suffering with long term pain. She has taught me how to help myself.” –Susan