Remote Personal Training sessions are ideal for people who have access to a computer or mobile device and prefer to workout in their home or fitness space. Kai provides live instruction and feedback via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Sessions last one hour. Following the session, clients are given exercise instructions for the rest of the week. Remote Personal Training allows you to train with Kai no matter where you live! Sign up and learn balanced exercise routines that will help you reach your goals. Kai teaches general fitness: core, balance, flexibility, mobility, strength, cardio, breath control, speed, agility.

Benefits of Remote Personal Training include:

  • ✔ Train from the comfort of your home
  • ✔ Workout with the equipment you have available
  • ✔ Set realistic goals and receive help with strategies to achieve them
  • ✔ Receive guidance and learn proper form to reduce your risk of injury
  • ✔ Stay challenged and be held accountable with a custom program
  • ✔ Build new habits that will change your life

Remote Personal Training Prices

  • ✔ Sessions 1x/ week: $325/ month
  • ✔ Sessions 2x/ week: $650/month
  • ✔ Sessions 3x/ week: $975/month

To schedule a fitness consultation and begin your Remote Personal Training, contact Kai.