5 Exercises To Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension

Stiff neck and shoulders are common ailments. I feel stiff in my neck and shoulders during stressful times, when I sit a lot and after sleeping on my arm awkwardly.

Here are 5 exercises I use to help ease neck and shoulder tension.

1. Traps release
Tight traps can cause a stiff neck and tension headaches. Try massaging the area with a lacrosse ball against a wall. Find tender areas and breathe calmly. Hold over sore spots for several breaths. Stay at least one minute per side.

After releasing the traps (top of the shoulders), move on to mobilizing your shoulders.

2. Shoulder Blades Iso Hold Try shoulder blade iso holds to relax the top of your shoulders and wake up your shoulder blades. Roll your shoulders up toward your ears then, down and back. Hold the down position for several breaths. Repeat 3x

Move on to mobilizing your neck side to side.

3. Head Turns
Keep your neck range of motion healthy and even on both sides with head turns. Breathe calmly and hold your chin level. Avoid raising your shoulders as you turn your head. 10 reps total

After turning your head, try tilting your head.

3. Head Leans
Head leans stretch the lateral portion of your neck. Hold your wrist behind your back with the opposite hand and and gently tilt your ear toward your shoulder. Pause, then return to start position. Breathe calmly. 10 reps total.

Last but not least, use straps to improve shoulder range of motion.

4. Shoulder Flossing Use straps or therabands to loosen your shoulders and improve shoulder range of motion. Breathe calmly as you raise your arms evenly overhead and behind you. You can widen your hands to make it easier. Repeat for 10 reps.

Watch me demonstrate the exercises in the video below.

How do you feel after performing this routine? Please let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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