20 Things The Last Decade Taught Me

Here are 20 things I learned in the last decade, that I will be bringing with me into the next decade. 

1. Prioritize Your Health
Make life choices based on your physical, emotional, mental well-being. This will require you to listen closely to your body, heart, mind, and intuition. Move when you need to, rest when you need to.

2. Be Confident
Be your own biggest cheerleader. Give yourself all the compliments and pats on the back you would like to receive from someone else. Develop your own encouraging inner voice.

3. Allow yourself to fail
When you try something and you make a mistake you have more information to succeed. Take note, learn from your experiences and move forward.

4. Take small breaks throughout the day
Allow yourself the feeling that breathing and being is enough. You are worthy and you belong.

5. Define your own beauty standards
Pay attention to what makes you feel good. The fit, colors, styles. Don’t feel the need to fit in or follow the trend.(Fashion,body type, diet) There is nothing more attractive that someone comfortable in their own skin, body, and clothing.

6. Nurture the areas of your life you would like to see grow.
Plant seeds and nurture them with your energy and attention.

7. Appreciate the process
The seed will not grow the moment you plant it. Give your goals their best chance to blossom by being present and doing what you can in the season you are in.

8. Write daily 
Writing gives you an outlet and helps you clarify your thoughts, questions, and ideas. Writing also helps you build confidence in your communication.

9. Focus on building a life that feels good on the inside.
Take your time. Don’t rush to match the pace  or path of your peers.

10. Look for opportunities where there are setbacks. 
Keep your eyes open and your chin up when you feel discouraged. 

11. Use every resource available to you to learn.
Go to the library, search the internet, find and ask people in your field of interest.

12. Simplify as much as possible, wherever possible.
Clarify what is really important to you in life and why. Make time to focus on those things.

13. Don’t let fear stop you.
Be afraid and do it anyway- as long as you are passionate and willing to work for it. Realize that as soon as you set out to do something meaningful, there will be an equal and opposite feeling of inner or outer resistance. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

14. Be informed
See it as your responsibility to be as informed as you can. Do your own research, find facts, and evidence. Don’t rely on other people’s opinions to formulate your own. Formulate your own opinion even if it’s unpopular. Act according to what you believe in.

15. Develop healthy boundaries.
Learn to say ‘No’ or ‘That doesn’t work for me’ without apologizing. Don’t ignore situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

16. Ask for help.
We all need help sometimes. A helpful hand, or someone to talk to when things get tough. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help from people you trust or a professional counselor.

17. Let go of FOMO (fear of missing out).
Do not let social media make you feel that you are missing out ON ANYTHING. Life is happening in front of you whether you snap a photo or not. Be a present, active participant in your life.

18. Encourage Others
Life gets tough, we could all use the extra push. You can be wind at someone’s back when they need it.

19. Be Present
Allow yourself to fully engage in this moment without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Appreciate life and tell the people you love how you feel about them.

20. Be Authentic
Be yourself without apology. This is your life to live. Live it with intention.

Happy New Year! Thank you for reading this blog! Please comment and share what you have learned from the last decade.

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  • Ingo Scheuse says:

    In the last decade I learned a lot about the mechanisms of my body. I learned how to manage pain. Then I learned how to improve my posture and gait to stay free of pain. I faced my own limits and learned how to deal with getting older. I still challange myself every day and I feel great now. Although you don’t know me personally you accompanied me virtually and very helpfully on this path.

    Thank you!

    • kaisimon says:

      Thank you for sharing what you have learned from the last decade. Those are valuable lessons. I am glad the videos have been helpful along your journey. Take care Ingo!

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