Inner Thighs

How To Stretch Your Inner Thighs

Tight inner thighs muscles can limit your hip range of motion, leaving you more susceptible to a groin strain, knee injury, and chronic back pain. Start including some of these stretches into your weekly routine to improve flexibility and alleviate tension in your adductors. 

Here are a variety of stretches you can do from the seated, kneeling, standing, and lying positions. All you need for this is a foam roller.

Let’s get into it.


Foam rolling your inner thighs helps relieve tension along with your adductors and around your knee and hip joint.

Inner Thighs

Instructions for Adductors Foam Rolling:

Foam roll the area between your knee and pelvis. Breathe calmly and focus longer on tender areas. You can adjust your weight to monitor the pressure. Stay for at least 1 minute on each side.


This movement helps ease stiffness around your hip by bringing the joint through your full range of motion from hands and knees fixed position. 

Instructions for Quadruped Knee Circles:

Get into a hands and knees position and make a circle with your knee in a forward motion. To deepen the stretch, complete as wide a range of motion as you can, without straining. To lessen the stretch, you can go through a smaller range of motion. Breathe calmly and make the movement smooth. Complete 5 reps, then reverse the motion. 


This movement lengthens the muscles along your inner thighs from a standing position.

Instructions for Side Squat Stretch:

Extend one leg and shift your weight to the opposite side with knees bent. Place your forearm on the opposite knee, keeping your torso tall.

To deepen the stretch, you can try widening your stance and raising your toes off the ground.

To lessen the stretch, you can bring your feet closer together. Breathe calmly and repeat 5 times on the leg before switching to the other side. 


This stretch alleviates tension in your groin from a seated position.

Instructions for Butterfly Stretch:

Sit tall with your heels touching. Engage your glutes to pull your knees towards the floor. You can bring your feet closer to you to deepen the stretch. You can bring your heels away from you to decrease the intensity. Breathe calmly and stay for at least 30 seconds. 


Sitting in this position will help increase flexibility in your adductors, hips, hamstrings, and lower back.

Instructions for Russian Split:

Sit with your torso tall and your legs as wide as they will go. Flex your feet toward the ceiling. You can deepen the stretch by bending your arms and lowering your torso. You can lessen the stretch by bringing your legs closer together. Breathe calmly and stay for 30 seconds.


This gentle stretch helps relax the groin region with the help of gravity in a lying position. 

Instructions for Reclining Angle Bound Pose:

Lie faceup with your body straight, heels touching. Engage your glutes to pull your knees toward the ground. You can bring your heels closer toward you to deepen the stretch.

You can bring your heels further away from you to decrease the stretch. Breathe calmly and stay for 30 seconds. I like to do this with my head and neck support.

Watch this video to see the demonstrations and modifications, – Inner Thighs

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