Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Exercise

1. Write down your goal, and visualize yourself reaching it. 

Athletes know how powerful visualization is. Some of the best athletes in the world work with sports psychologists to get in the right headspace. Take some time to really imagine what it would be like to reach your goal. What does it look like? What does it feel like? The goal is the destination, the motivation drives you forward. You will not always feel like exercising but having a worthy motivator can offer that extra push. Make sure this goal reflects your values and morals and not the desires of society or the people around you.


2. Find resources that educate and inspire you.

There are many knowledgeable fitness instructors out there offering different training methods and philosophies. Find resources that resonate with you and leave you feeling inspired. Avoid accounts that leave you feeling shamed or drained.


3. Plan out your workouts in advance. Set reminders   

Decide your movement sessions for the week ahead of time. Make it as easy as possible for you to exercise when the time comes. Extra thought and effort make it less likely that you will commit to a consistent routine. 


4. Have a method of measuring progress.

Some measures of progress other than weight might be improvements in energy, sleep, or mood. You might notice certain tasks becoming easier. Write down small accomplishments as they happen. Take notes and make adjustments as needed. It is helpful to 


5. Speak kindly to yourself.

Positive self-talk can make a big difference. Be mindful of the thoughts you allow your mind to run with. Be gentle with yourself, perfection is an impossible goal. 


6. Acknowledge small milestones.

Don’t wait until you reach your goal to celebrate small wins. Progress is progress. Self-esteem is built by acknowledging your efforts. 

When you find yourself getting stuck, return to this list to remind yourself!


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