What I Learned From Hand and Wrist Pain

A few years ago, I started experiencing pain in my hands and wrists. I would immediately feel pressure in my wrists, anytime I tried to support my body weight on my hands. I especially felt it in the pushup position.

My arms felt strong, but I felt like there was a disconnection from my wrists to my hands.
I also noticed that my dexterity was weaker.

I considered how much I use my hands and how little I care for them. I looked into exercises to improve hand and wrist pain.

I discovered:

1. Dry hands are stiff

*TIP- Moisturize and massage forearms, wrists and hands daily. I use
and recommend jojoba oil because it is natural and similar to human skin oil.

2. Reflexology brings circulation to extremities.

*TIP- Stretch hand down, stretch hand down and up, roll your wrists in circles in each direction.

3. Being aware of your hands can help you with stress.

You may realize you are holding onto tension.

*TIP- Bring awareness to the aliveness in the hands.

Keeping my hands moisturized, moving my wrists daily and being more aware of my hands has improved their condition.

I no longer experience tension in my wrists and have seen clients experience the same results with a daily routine.

See the video that corresponds with this post, below.

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