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My 12 Favorite Dumbbell Exercises

I enjoy incorporating dumbbell exercises into my routine. Now, I can do simple, dynamic, and powerful movements using dumbbells. I keep them in the garage, I take them with me to the park and I use them at the gym.

Here are 12 of my favorite exercises using a dumbbell:

Dumbbell squats

1. Dumbbell squats really engage my glutes and hamstrings. My buns and thighs feel strong after I do them.

Dumbbell hip bridge

2. Dumbbell hip bridge is a simple exercise that targets my glutes from a lying position. I feel connected to my glutes and core after I do them.

Dumbbell bent over row

3. Dumbbell bent-over row strengthens my mid-back and glutes. I feel my posterior chain after I do them.Dumbbell side lunges

4. Dumbbell side lunges engage my inner thighs and outer glutes. My legs feel toned and my hips feel more mobile after I do them.

Dumbbell chest press (feet up)

5. Dumbbell chest press (feet up) strengthens my chest, arms, and abs. My upper body feels strong and powerful after I chest press.

Dumbbell single leg deadlift

6. Dumbbell single leg deadlift recruits the core hamstrings and glutes. My leg strength feels more even and my hips feel more stable after I do this exercise.

Dumbbell renegade row

7. Dumbbell renegade row strengthens your back, arms, core, and glutes. I really feel my core during and after the exercise.

Dumbbell alternating reverse lunge curl

8. Dumbbell alternating reverse lunge curl strengthens my biceps, buns, and thighs simultaneously. All while improving balance!

Dumbbell chop

9. Dumbbell chop is a fun, dynamic movement that targets my core muscles. I feel athletic while doing this movement.

Dumbbell squat overhead press

10. Dumbbell squat overhead press builds power in my legs, glutes, core, and upper body. I am usually ‘good sore’ everywhere the next day.

Dumbbell renegade row to stand

11. Dumbbell renegade row to stand is a fun, athletic exercise. This move targets my core, back, legs and glutes, while challenging my cardio.

Dumbbell single leg row to single arm overhead press

12. Dumbbell single-leg row to single-arm overhead press is the most challenging exercise for me on this list. I love exercises that combine strength and balance.

See me demonstrate each exercise in the video below:

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