Your inner thighs play an important role in your everyday movements. Five groin muscles bring your legs together in a motion known as adduction. These muscles also help stabilize your pelvis, knees and ankles during your daily activities. There are several benefits of strengthening your adductors.

Benefits of Strengthening Your Inner Thighs

  • Strengthening your inner thighs will help you move more efficiently and with better alignment.
  • Improving groin strength reduces your risk for ankle, knee, hip, and back injury.
  • Building strength in your inner thighs can help improve core performance.
  • Strengthening your inner thighs helps decrease groin sensitivity.

Watch the video below to learn several exercises you can do at home to strengthen your inner thigh and groin region. All you need for this routine is a small pilates ball or a small pillow.

Thank you for reading this article and watching the video. Read this post to learn how to stretch your inner thighs.

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