Kai Piriformis Myofascial Release Technique

How To Relieve Hip, Lower Back and Buttock Pain: Piriformis Myofascial Release Technique

Trigger points in the piriformis can impinge the sciatic nerve and send pain signals to the lower back and hips. If you are someone who feels discomfort in the hip, lower back, or buttock while sitting, walking, and running, give this release a try!!! Watch the video below to learn how to use a lacrosse ball and few stretching poses to help relieve hip, lower back, and buttock pain.

How To Relieve Hip, Lower Back and Buttock Pain: Piriformis Myofascial Release Technique.

Over the years this has been by far my most viewed, shared, and commented on the video.  People have written to me excitedly to share that the technique helped them relieve lower back and buttock pain. Please read some of the testimonials below!

“This technique has helped me! And wow did I need relief! Thank you SO much for sharing”! <3
Rebecca A.

“Great tutorial, Kai. Particularly like that modified pigeon stretch. It’s just what I needed.” 🙂
Michael A.

“These are so good Kai, thank you. I’ve suffered from pain in my right piriformis for years after doing too many walking lunges. This really helps.”😊
Nicky P.

Getting a handle on what you can do about the aches and pains brought on by life is crucial because it largely influences the sustainability of your workout program. If you are in chronic pain, chances are you won’t be able to adhere to a consistent exercise routine.

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In addition to releasing and stretching tight piriformis muscles, you will want to strengthen your glutes.
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You can watch this playlist to learn how to get strong and mobile hips!

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