Full Body Medicine Ball Workout Routine

Spring has sprung in Southern California. The weather is beautiful and the beaches are inviting. What better setting for a medicine ball workout?

The medicine ball is one of my favorite, versatile pieces of equipment to use. You can use a medicine ball to work on strength, conditioning, speed, power, and balance.

Below is a full body workout routine I did on Oceanside Beach using a medicine ball.
I used a 10 lb CAP medicine ball. I recommend you use a ball that allows you to perform the movements with efficient form.

WARM UP EXERCISES: This warm up will get your blood flowing and heart rate up.

1. Medicine Ball Overhead Press
Primary muscles targeted: Shoulders, core

-Keep your navel drawn in and your elbows close to your body.
-Exhale as you raise your arms, inhale as you lower them.
-10 reps

2. Medicine Ball Toe Touches
Primary muscles targeted: Hips, legs, feet

-Stay on your toes and alternate tapping one foot.
-Coordinate your arms with your legs.
-20 reps

3. Medicine Ball Lateral Hop Overs
Primary muscles targeted: Glutes, legs

-Spring off your toes.
-Land softy, then, jump back to the other side.
-10 reps

STRENGTH EXERCISES: The following exercises focus on building strength.

4. Reverse Lunge One Arm Overhead Press
Primary muscles targeted: Shoulders, Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads

-Establish balance before pressing the ball overhead
-Keep your core engaged throughout
-5 reps each side

5. Alternating Medicine Ball Push-up

Primary muscles targeted: Chest and shoulders

-Push evenly through your hand
-Engage your core throughout
-5 reps each side

6. Push-up, Curl, Press
Primary muscles targeted: chest, biceps, shoulders

– Push-up with your elbows facing backward.
– Press the ball directly overhead.
– 10 reps

POWER EXERCISES: The following exercises focus on building power.

7. Underhand Medicine Ball Toss
Primary muscles targeted: shoulders, biceps core, glutes

– Load your hips in a low squat.
– Exhale as you throw the ball underhand.
– 4 reps total.

8. Kneeling Chest Pass To Push-up , Go Get It
Primary muscles targeted: chest, shoulders, core, glutes

– Throw the ball as hard as you can, follow the momentum into a controlled pushup.
– Exhale as you throw the ball.
– 4 reps total.

9. Half Kneeling Chest Pass + Run, Go Get It
Primary muscles targeted: chest, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quads, core

-Squeeze your glutes as you throw the ball.
-Run as soon as the ball leaves your hands.
-4 reps total.

ABDOMINAL EXERCISES: The following exercises will strengthen your abs.

10. Kneeling chop
Primary muscles targeted: shoulders, core

-Draw your navel in and squeeze your glutes throughout.
-Keep your shoulders down and back.
-10 reps each side.

11. Plank Alt. Leg Raise
Primary muscles targeted: shoulders, core

– Stack your shoulders directly over wrists over your wrists.
– Keep your abs engaged throughout.
– 10 reps total

12. Russian Twists
Primary muscles targeted: obliques

– Lean back with tall posture.
– Keep your abs engaged and shoulders back as you twist.
– 20 reps total.

Use this program as inspiration. Suit it to your needs.

How do you feel after performing this full body medicine ball routine? Please let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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