How To Improve Flexibility With Dynamic and Static Stretching

There are different types of stretching that can help you improve flexibility. Perhaps the two most common types of stretching are static stretching and dynamic stretching. 1. Static stretching refers to holding the end range of a stretch for an extended period of time. Usually 30 seconds to one minute. Static stretching is recommend post workout… Read More

A Full Body Guide to Stretching

Tight muscles decrease your range of motion and slow you down. Studies show, stretching is a key component to helping you stay active and mobile. Why You Should Stretch: Stretching consistently can help relieve tension throughout your body. Stretching helps keep you limber, agile and strong for your daily activities. Stretching mindfully, can decrease your… Read More

Routine To Wake Up Your Glutes

Having strong glutes and mobile hips improves posture, and helps prevent injury. Here is a set of exercises I recommend to help you strengthen your buttocks and mobilize your hips. Do this routine in the morning to wake up your glutes before you sit! 1. Glutes Foam Roll Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted: Gluteus medius, gluteus… Read More

How To Use Yoga Straps To Improve Shoulder Mobility and Trunk Flexibility

Your shoulders and spine can become stiff and achy for a variety of reasons: Sitting for long periods of time, an unbalanced exercise routine, stress, to name a few. I started using yoga straps to improve shoulder range of motion a couple years ago. The addition to my morning warm up routine has offered me…

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Figure 4 Variations: How To Stretch the Piriformis Muscle

The figure 4 is an excellent stretch for the buttocks and specifically the piriformis. It is also, one of the first stretches I remember being taught. The exercise called the ‘figure 4’, was first introduced to me in high school track and field practice, freshman year. A varsity team leader called out the stretch. “FIGURE…

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